Adolf, Wilhelm and Bismark are a trio in Happy Tree Friends. 
Adolf Wolfgang (center)
Wilhelm Wolfgang (right)
Bismark Wolfgang (left)
Adolf, Wilhelm and Bismark
Gender: Males
Interest(s): All: Stopping evil
Adolf: Vodka, laziness, some parkour
Wilhelm: Money, children, hunting
Bismark: Smoking, alcohol, sleeping in
Species: European Wolves
Color: Grey
Relatives: Each other
Wilhelm's unknown spouse
Age: Adolf: 29
Wilhelm: 61
Bismark: 28
Size: Adolf: 5"10"
Wilhelm: 5"6"
Bismark: 5"9"
Friends/Allies: Don, Ron and Von
The good
Enemies/Rivals: The evil
Love Interest(s): N/A
Kill Count: Adolf: 0+
Wilhelm: 0+
Bismark: 0+
Deaths: 1 (1 from fan episodes)
First Appearance: Labyrinth Vertigo
First Victim: None yet! None yet!
First Death: Labyrinth Vertigo

Character Bio

Adolf, Wilhelm and Bismark are from Germany, hence their names. All are part of their own military organization called the L.P.F.F (Local Protective Fighting Force, coming soon).

Adolf is a kind, warm welcoming, honest and lazy handsome wolf who wears a scarf and a chain on his left arm. Adolf usually sleeps in, likes comfort and despises very hot weather. He, including the whole trio, were born in Berlin. Adolf usually carries a cutlass with him while roaming around outside, 20% for attracting people and 80% for self-defense.

He has an extremely soft and plushy coat. Alot of people like touching his furry coat and sometimes women use Adolf as a pillow.

Wilhelm is a passionate, kind, child-loving elder wolf who wears a blue bow tie. Wilhelm is the eldest of the trio. He is best friends with Von the red wolf, the eldest of the trio composed of Don, Ron and himself. Like Von, he enjoys hunting. Like Von, he also can mistaken things for anything else because of his blurry eye sight.

He usually likes to spend his money on luxurious possessions especially spending money on firearms from the L.F.M, despite the fact he despises Pakk of his bitterness, deceit and evil.

Bismark is an aggresive, stubborn, mean and very irritable wolf with a short temper who wears a blue bandana and wears blue boots. He is the youngest of the trio. Bismark is very tough, bulky and courageous. He sometimes likes to sleep in and despises disturbance.

He has a very soft and plushy tail. Usually everyone likes to touch his tail and usually is disturbed by that.

His left eye is blind because of a metal bar that went straight to his left eye back when he was 16, causing a tremendous amount of pain. He accidentally gets into incidents or bumps into people.


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