Phoenix Pines City symbol

The city's flag and symbol

Phoenix Pines City is a location created by Clesta.


When Tree Town Fort was destoryed for remodeling, Clesta made it a city for other people to live in. The island stayed the same, but a part of the island is reserved for wildlife. Currently, the population is around 200 due to it being unpopular and being private. The island is also run with a democracy lead by Clesta

As of August 8th, the city has been shut down.


These are the amendments/laws in the city;

  1. Discrimination is strictly forbidden, inlcuding discrimination of religion, race, species, and gender.
  2. You have the right to keep and bare arms, but only in your own home, not in public.
  3. Unless by use of a warrent, police are not allowed to search homes and personal belongings without the users permission or concent.
  4. Any form of slavery is forbidden, except for punishment.
  5. Immigrants must be approved by a form and tested for illnesses to live in the city.
  6. Achohol is forbidden. (removed in June 3rd, 2015)
  7. Soldiers must be 18 or older to join the army.
  8. Voters must be 18 or older to vote.
  9. Child labor is forbidden in business and work, unless it's a private farm.
  10. Murder, robbery, and any form of genocide and homicide are strictly forbidden.



  • The island is shaped simalier to Java, an island in Indonesia.
  • The phoenix is suppose to mean Protection.
  • Obviously, the amendements are obvious based on the U.S Amendments, which the immigrantion law is based on Ellis Island .
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