"Cat"pocalypse is a fan episode. This episode introduces Smoky, the cat that is capable of destroying the world (seriously).

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


At the Shoot em' Dead gun shop, Smoky is restocking on nuclear weapons. Lumpy walks in looking for a gun and Smoky sells him a 50 caliber. When lumpy walks out, he looks closely inside the barrel, and pulls the trigger. Ale comes in looking for a gun and it enrages Smoky, causing him to grab a sickle and rip Ale's guts out, then Smoky gets a miniature nuclear missile and throws it at Ale, causing the store as well as part of the town to explode, then Smoky starts destroying the town. Smoky almost killed Lifty and Shifty while they were robbing a bank. Then when Smoky calms down, he returns to the destroyed gun shop and eats Ale's remains.


  • Lumpy shoots himself with a 50 caliber.
  • Ale gets ripped open and nuked.


  1. The mini nukes are a reference to the Fallout series.
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