1. What if it turned out Pop had two children, and he got the last one permanently killed, so he's only left with Cub?
  2. What if Flippy never fought in a war and flips out because of other violence he experienced during his early life?
  3. What if Pop's wife left him instead of being killed?
  4. What if Lumpy is just extremely uneducated and not handicapped?
  5. What if Russell is not a pirate, but just likes dressing up as one?
  6. What if Disco Bear became a hobo?
  7. What if Evil Flippy actually has feelings? (see the episode Hear Today Gone Tomorrow)
  8. What if Cub never had a mother and he was just adopted?
  9. What if Nutty stopped liking candy?
  10. What if HTF never existed?