'Scuse Me Cheese is a HTFF Break.


His scent attracts other cheese-lovers!



Cheesy is seen on a boat, hungry for something. He notices a figure in the water, revealed to be Spongy. Cheesy mistakes the tree friend for cheese, and takes out a fishing pole, eager to catch him. He successfully gets a hold of him, and ties him down to a table. He takes out a knife and starts cutting a few pieces of Spongy, leaving him in pain. Cheesy eats the pieces, until all of a sudden arms start bursting out of his stomach, terrifying him.

Cheesy stumbles right off his boat, falling into the ocean. Many fish come towards him because of his smell, ripping chunks of his body off until there’s nothing left but bones. Spongy ends up regenerating his body parts, and cheers. He realizes he’s now stuck on a boat, since he has no idea how to drive one.


  1. Cheesy is eaten alive by numerous fish.


  • Cheesy wears a fisherman's cap throughout the entire episode.
  • This marks the debut of Spongy (unless you count the unfinished episode Salty Walter).
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