Name 001
Gender Female
Interests Life draining, Torturing, Crime, Stealing
genetically enhanced canine
Color light blue
Relatives Castani
Friends/Allies Devious, Luna
Enemies/Rivals Castani, H.T.T.P.D, Splendid,Fiora , Webb, Tony
Love Interests Possibly 20's Robo Star
Kill Count 2
Death Count 3
First Victim Generic Tree Friends from Villains Control!
First Death Villains Control!

001 is Fiora's original form created by Devious.

Character Bio

Please note that 001 is Fiora, not a clone or evil twin.

001 is a genetically enhanced dog created by Devious to get revenge on Splendid. She looks exactly like Fiora (her normal state), only wearing a black and white checkered dress, two little shoes (one black and one white) and a black and white mask. She was genetically engineered to be evil.

There are rumours floating around that she has a secret love interest in 20's Robo Star, but no one is for sure.


Fiora and her sister Castani were taken by Devious from their biological mother at an early age. Ignoring the girls' mother's cries, he enhanced their abilities and skills with the help of his Doom Machine. His machine was also able to control their thought patterns, and by manipulating them they killed their captive mother. Devious decided they were ready and knew exactly what he'd do with them: Get revenge! Just as the thought had popped into Devious' head, Splendid heard the deceased mother's cries and came to help, only to be too late. Devious sent the girls after him and the group fought. After an exhausting battle, the girls had the upper hand, Fiora launched Splendid backwards and he hit Devious' Doom Machine, pressing several buttons. The machine overheated and blew up. After the smoke cleared, Splendid freed himself from the rubble. Believing the trio had died in the explosion, he flew away. A battered Devious crawled out not long after Splendid had gone; as did Fiora and Castani. Devious realised that without his machine, he couldn't control the girls or even activate their powers so...he dumped them on the street.

Luckily, a nice couple took them in and raised them as their own. Fiora and Castani grew up remembering nothing about their real mother, Devious or their abilities.

Unlike her sister Castani, Fiora still doesn't remember anything about her true past and lives as a normal Happy Tree Town citizen.

Episode Count

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles

  • TBA



  • Villains Control!: Thrown into lasers by Bonny
  • Heroes or Zeroes?: Sucked into black hole.
  • First and Fort-Most - Crushed by robot.
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