A-maze-ing Disgrace is a HTF Fanon episode that introduces Hedge the flying squirrel who can't fly.
A maze ing

Hedge didn't like that joke.

Starring Roles

  1. Jack
  2. Hedge

Featuring Roles

  1. Lumpy
  2. Pop and Cub
  3. Flaky
  4. Nutty
  5. Mime
  6. Snappy
  7. Pranky
  8. Cuddles

Appearing Role

  1. Kringle


Hedge and others arrive at Lumpys corn maze for Halloween. Lumpy greets everyone as they enter, once everyone is in, they quickly split up except for Flaky who is dragged along with Cuddles. Meanwhile Jack waits in hiding to someone and soon Mime walks by. Jack quickly jumps out and startles Mime, who then fall over and lands on a jack-o-lantern crushing it. At this sight Jack quickly flips out and stomps on Mimes head. Meanwhile Hedge runs into a dead end and turns around only to be scared by Pranky.

Annoyed by this Hedge quickly punches Pranky leaves. Once Hedge is gone, Pranky lets out a laugh and runs off to scare someone else, only to stopped by Jack. Pranky let's out a scream and the scene changes back to Hedge who has stumbled upon Flaky and Cuddles. The trio heads off and soon end up at a dead end where a scarecrow stands. Flaky screams at the sight and Cuddles laugh. To show Flaky how silly she is, Cuddles goes up to the scarecrow and pulls on its head only for the cover to come off and reveal a dead Pranky.

The group screams at this and Cuddles is then killed when Jack runs him over with a harvester. Hedge panics and runs off, accidentally knocking Flaky over and getting her killed. Hedge runs past Pop and Cub who are confused by this until Cub is ran over, leaning just an arm. Hedge soon ends up at the exit where Nutty is seen. Hedge keeps running and Nutty is quickly ran over. Hedge then runs past Lumpy who is asleep in his truck. Suddenly a boom is heard and Hedge turns around to see the harvester had hit the truck and both exploded. Seeing this, Hedge cheers until a tire lands on him.

The episode ends with Kringle arriving with some toilet paper and throwing it at the maze.


  • Mimes head is stomped.
  • Pranky is killed by Jack.
  • Cuddles, Flaky, Cub and Nutty are shredded by the harvester.
  • Lumpy and Jack are killed in an explosion.
  • Hedge is crushed by a tire.


  • This is the debut of Hedge and Kringle's debut in a regular episode.
  • This is Jack's first appearance in a non-Halloween episode.
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