A Bath for a Tulip is a fan episode.
A Bath for a Tulip

Tulip lost her tail...GOOD!






Petunia is at the perfume store. Tulip comes and farts. Petunia blocks her nose and grabs Tulip to her house. Petunia turns on the water and forces Tulip in it. Tulip trys to pull away, only to fall in the water. Petunia grabs the soap and scrubs Tulip. Later, Petunia is done, and drains the water, but Tulip's tail gets stuck in the drain. Petunia grabs her and pulls, only to have Tulip's tail ripped off. Petunia wraps her in a towel and lets her out. Tulip is unhappy to have her tail gone. So, she goes to Magisty's house to get a new one. She knocks on Magisty's door, and Magisty answers. Tulip explanes everything, then Magisty grabs her, and puts her in the her couch. Magisty then turns her into a wolf. Tulip gets mad, but likes her tail anyway. Tulip walks out, and sees CJ. She explanes everything, including what Magisty did. CJ backs up only to pop Bubble. CJ grabs Tulip and bring him to his house, where Wolfle is. Wolfle explanes to Tulip what a wolf does, until she says how the claws work. Freddy comes in through the door, until Tulip slashes him. Jason is shocked and tries to run, only to get slashed like Freddy. CJ and Wolfle call Magisty and say to change her back. Magisty comes to change her back, only to get slashed. Wolfle then grabs Tulip, only for Tulip to slash CJ. Wolfle then covers Tulip's mouth, making Tulip faint. When Tulip wakes up, Tulip is a skunk again and Tulip got angry. The iris then closes on Tulip's tail.


"Be yourself, don't be someone you're not"


  • Bubble is popped by CJ
  • Freddy is slashed by Tulip
  • Jason is slashed by Tulip
  • Magisty is slashed by Tulip
  • CJ is slashed by Tulip
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