A Beetle on the Runway is a HTFF episode.

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In the backstage of a runway, Crafty and others are seen finishing dresses to put on for them to model. Lady suddenly arrives and quickly gets to work on a dress, which she soon finishes and puts on. Everyone is stunned by the beauty of it, except Crafty who becomes upset and decides to sabatoge Lady. As she thinks of a plan, Crafty ends up running her hand through a sewing machine. Soon, Crafty is seen with a banadaged hand and she sneaks up Lady as she chats with Pride.

Crafty grabs a peices of loose string for the dress and ties it to a table before sneaking away. Soon its time for the models to go on the runway and up first is Winora, followed by Naples then Crafty. As Crafty reache sthe end of the runway, she looks back and is shocked to find Snooty wearing the dress. Crafty attempts to warn Snooty but is too late and the string goes taunt before undoing the dress. Now naked, Snooty screams and Pride quickly covers the eyes of Envy while Cranky blushes and both Smooth and Pervy get nose bleeds.

Wanting to help, Lady removes her clothe and runs to give them to Snooty, only to trip on the string and have the clothe land on a stage light, which quickly makes the clothes burst into flame. The sight of the fire makes everyone freak out and the fire quickly spreads to the crowd, along with Pride and Envy. Freaking out, Crafty attempts to flee the scene, but an ember lands on her dress and it quickly ignites. Lady at this time, get sup and begins looking for something to stop the fire, quickly spotting a fire hose.

Lady runs to the hose, but she ends up slipping and craking her head on the floor. At this time, Manty arrives to watch lady, but he is quickly killed when the building explodes.


  1. Pride, Envy and numerous Gtfs are burned to death.
  2. Snooty, Cranky, Pervy, Smooth, Naples, Winora and Mole likely die in the explosion.
  3. Crafty burns to death.
  4. Lady cracks her head open.
  5. Manty is wiped out by the explosion.
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