While The Beaver walks from her truck to begin painting road lines, Chopstix has a tea party on the side of the road. Jussy walks by, holding a teddy bear and notices Chopstix, greeting him happily. Chopstix invites her to join the tea party, so Jussy places the teddy bear on an unoccupied seat.

Jussy tries pouring Chopstix some tea but there is only a drop left. Both Jussy and Chopstix laugh about it, before Jussy leaves to get more tea. Chopstix then sees The Dragon ripping the head off of Jussy's teddy bear. Distraught, Chopstix tries to fix the teddy bear, but Jussy comes back with more tea before he can fix it. She sees Chopstix trying to put the teddy bear's head back on, assuming he did the deed himself. Choptix then tries to explain that it was The Dragon and points to its seat, only to find it empty.

Choptix sees The Dragon emerge behind Jussy, where he starts strangling her with her necklace. Chopstix rushes to help Jussy, only to hear a scream in the distance. Puffy, sitting on a scooter, looks on in horror, as it now appears that Chopstix has strangled Jussy. Chopstix gasps and drops Jussy's body, trying to explain that The Dragon killed Jussy, but Puffy drives off in fear. Looking up Chopstix sees The Dragon in The Beaver's truck, where he pulls out a screwdriver and proceeds to hotwire the vehicle. Chopstix rushes to stop it, but accidentally accelerates the truck forward, running over The Beaver's head and incidentally painting road lines with her blood.

The truck begins to catch up to Puffy, so he speeds up. They rush past Wooly, who is eating his lunch on his police motorcycle. He proceeds to give chase, hurting Fuddles in the process as he tries to get into his car. Further ahead in the road, Puffy stops when he comes upon a tree trunk that has fallen across the road. Chopstix breaks and stops right before hitting Puffy, but a metal plate flies forward from the truck, cutting Puffy's head and body in half. Wooly approaches Chopstix and pulls out a taser, ordering him out of the truck. Realizing the severity of the situation, Chopstix gasps in fear and distress before getting hit in his left eye and shocked by the taser.

Later, Chopstix, with a severely swollen left eye, sits alone in a jail cell, having a tea party with a sock puppet being his only companion. His lunch arrives through a slot in the cell door. Along with the food on the tray is The Dragon, who Chopstix is happy to see. The Dragon then jumps off the tray and starts burning the sock puppet with his firey breath.

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