A Black Friday Carol (or A Black Friday Carol) is a HTFF episode, in witch Snowball is visited by the three ghosts of Black Friday.




During the outside of a store, Raylan and Snowball wait in line for the release of Super Mushroom Odyssey, while Snowball is cold, Raylan suggests she set up a tent for her. While she gets in the tent Raylan begins putting the stakes on in the ground with a hammer. Snowball assumes those stakes, so she reaches her hands out, only for Raylan to accidentally smash her fingers with her hammer. Snowball cries as Raylan takes her to get help. Later when the get back it is revealed their tent has destroyed, and their stop in line was taken. Snowball loses it and tells Raylan that she hates this stupid holiday and goes back to her house crying.


  • This episode was made due for YSK's hatred for Black Friday.
  • Super Mushroom Odyssey is an obvious parody of Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Black Friday isn't actually a holiday.
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