A Blind Mole's Bluff is an episode of HTFF. In this episode, Cole has to watch over Mole for a whole day.





Cole is seen pushing a huge chunk of gold into a compressor. The gold is compressed into a sheet of iron. He lays it on a table, until the Mole puts a heavy piece of rock on it, scratching it. Commy, who is dressed for a vacation, tells Cole to watch over Mole for him, and he will get a promotion.

Cole is walking with the Mole when he looks to his right and sees the Mole has walked away from him. In fear, he looks for the Mole. He sees the Mole about to walk off a cliff, so he screams and jumps for the Mole, just as he was about to walk off the cliff. He decides to drop the Mole off at his home.

The Mole is seen tied to a chair. Cole nods his head in approval. Kay, on the outside of his house, is bouncing Sir up and down when he trips. Somehow, the Mole got untied from the chair and starts driving, right over Kay. Sir holds his head in shame over the loss of Kay, since he is mute.

The Mole passes by a skate park where Tricks is doing tricks. Tricks sees the Mole's car driving up the ramp and freaks out. He skates faster and skates so fast he flies into space, where he freezes. Celeste sees this and believes Tricks is a star, so he awes him as his corpse made a constellation. However, The Mole drives into her. Tracks is seen riding his bike when he pedals so fast his legs explode.

Cole finally finds the Mole and pops his tire with a tack. He drags the Mole home and sees the day almost ended. He wipes sweat off of his forehead and goes back to his factory. However, just as the day ends and nighttime comes, an asteroid lands on top of Cole. Commy comes back from his vacation and sees what happened. However, instead of getting angry at Cole, he shakes his hand sticking out of the meteor and gives his hand a 1000 dollar reward.


Give a hand to those who don't have any!


  • Kay is ran over by the Mole's car.
  • Tricks drives into outer space.
  • Celeste is hit by the Mole's car.
  • Tracks' legs explode.
  • Cole is crushed by a meteorite.


  • Although Handy doesn't appear, the moral has no similarities to what happens.
  • Lammy is seen in a car when Kay is ran over.
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