This episode is the first official crossover between Happy Tree Friends and Bump in the Night both of which were co-created by Ken Pontac.


Petunia and Handy are watching TV on Petunia's bed. Petunia then has a bathroom emergency and runs off holding her private area. Petunia runs into the bathroom and sees a little blue blob monster thing swimming in the toilet. The creature says his name is Squishington and that he used to live in the toilet tank but has since moved to the bowl itself so he can watch the Super Bowl. Petunia groans at his horrible joke and rolls her eyes almost as if she's saying

"I'm not in the mood for puns right now," and flushes him down. Meanwhile, Handy is sitting on the couch and hears grunting noises. He looks under Petunia's bed and sees a little green monster with eyestalks and a bunch of warts. The monster screams and Handy screams as well. Petunia then walks in and tells Handy that she flushed a blue thing down the toilet and Bumpy yells,

"Oh my God! You killed Squishy again, you BASTARDS!" and then shouts,

"Monsters attack!" and a bunch of tiny monsters jump out of Petunia's bed, closet, and dresser and start attacking them. The monsters then tie down Petunia and Handy Gulliver's Travels style and started discussing how they should kill the two "beasts". The monsters then go inside Petunia and started killing her from the inside. Sawing at her internal organs with a chainsaw, popping out her eyeballs, peeing in her stomach acid, and everything else. Petunia starts screaming as loud as she can as a monster slices her pancreas in half. Handy tries to help but Petunia ends up dying. The monsters then go inside Handy and make him barf up his guts. After that they play rock paper scissors for who should keep the guts and Bumpy wins. He then says,

"Wow, I get his blanket and his liver. What a great bargain!" and laughs.


  • The line "Oh my God! You killed Squishy again, you BASTARDS!" is a reference to a recurring quote from the cartoon South Park about how the character Kenny gets killed in almost every episode.
  • The scene where they get tied down is a parody of Gulliver's Travels.
  • At the beginning scene where Handy and Petunia are watching TV, audio from the Family Guy episode "Death Has a Shadow" can be heard.
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