Fight Night is an HTF Break.

Starring Roles



Sluggy is seen slithering around, when he sees Raph ringing a character's door. Starving, Sluggy slithers towards him eagerly. Raph, who doesn't notice him, looks into his candy bag with joy.

Sluggy bites his neck, where Raph screams upon Sluggy biting him. He runs around, trying to get Sluggy off. He then dies of blood loss, and falls to the ground. Sluggy, who now has a jar full of blood, slithers towards the character's door. The Mole drops a pile of candy on Sluggy accidentally. He then carries Raph's corpse and skins him. He puts his skeleton in front of his house.


  • Raph dies of blood loss.
  • Sluggy is crushed by a pile of candy accidentally.
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