Spyguy is dancing to some music, then a mad Buddy gives him food. Spyguy blows Buddy a kiss, but she breaks it. Spyguy then dips some butter in a deepfryer, but he gets a heart attack.

Doctor Wooly is shown zapping his sandwich, then Pinkie Pie shows up. Wooly cuts Spyguy open. He screams, so Wooly hits him with a hammer. Then he removes his heart, leaving Spyguy dying. But he tells Pinkie Pie to pump some air and it works, then Wooly tries to find a new heart.

He sees a dead Caillou with a whale, he then takes Caillou's heart, but it slips. Spongebob is seen playing soccer. He kicks the heart and Josh gets scared. The heart is then sliced into pieces. Wooly sees that, then he goes back to the hospital, but Pinkie Pie is unconscious, and Spyguy is completely dying.

Wooly then zaps Pinkie Pie back to life and she pumps some air again. Wooly then goes to a butcher shop with SkyDoesMinecraft, Snappy, Baldy, and Rio. Wooly falls asleep, then he wakes up. The butcher Ahoy asks Wooly what he wants. He asks for a heart and some other meat. Wooly goes back with the meat, but Wooly eats the heart. Then, a crash happens and Wooly sees the whale heart. Spyguy now has the whale heart. He then sees a burger, but Wooly gives him salad. Wooly eats the hambuger, then gets a heart attack.

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