A Crafty Escape is an episode of HTFF.

Crafty Arrested

We all know what happens to people who try to steal.






Bro watches Tyke play in a sandbox until a passing Crafty lures him away. Crafty pulls Bro into a dance, distracting him long enough for his wallet to be taken. Before she could get off with her prize, Hound quickly arrives and snaps a pair of handcuffs on her. As she is driven to jail, Bro makes it back to the playground, oblivious that Tyke has been engulfed by the sandbox.

Hound locks Crafty up in prison. He picks up the smell of food from the prison kitchen and realizes it is time for lunch, so he sends Crafty and the other inmates to the kitchen. Once there, Crafty finds a seat next to Lifty and Shifty, who are squabbling over a rope of sausages. As usual, Crafty uses her good looks to seduce the twins. She proceeds to take a selfie with them, when the flash from her cell phone blinds them. Crafty uses the opportunity to steal their sausages.

One of the chefs, Sweet, gives a cinnamon bun to Hound, who takes a big whiff before planning to gobble it up. However, the scent of the sausages grabs his attention. As Crafty is about to jump out a window, Hound corners her. But she seduces him with the succulent sausage rope, wearing it around her neck. Hound is soon drooling from hunger. Crafty tosses one end of the sausage rope out the window, leading Hound to jump out after it.

Crafty ties up the other end of the rope and begins climbing her way out. Lifty and Shifty come to take back their stolen lunch but shortly fight over it again. This quarrel leads to Shifty falling out the window. Lifty ties up his end of the rope. While falling, Shifty and Crafty become entangled with the rope, which upon reaching its limit, tightens to the point of squeezing them.

Hound, having survived the fall, smells the sausages again and sees the rope dangling. He tugs on it, pulling off a section of the prison wall and being crushed. Lifty's escape plan is ruined by this, when he sees Sweet holding a cupcake, so he decides to stay for a snack.


  1. Tyke sinks in quicksand.
  2. Shifty and Crafty are constricted.
  3. Hound is crushed by debris.


  • This is one of very few instances where Lifty survives and Shifty dies.
  • Bun was originally in this episode before being replaced by Sweet.
  • This marks Hound's first death.
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