A Darting Day is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

  • Golo
  • Nutty

Featuring Roles

  • Flippy


Golo is walking down the street until Nutty comes and jitters by, but one of his candies sticks to Golo's belly and he tries to pull it off, but he pulls off his skin, causing Golo to scream.

Flippy goes by, rubs his eyes, and becomes shocked because Golo's dead body is on the floor. Flippy tries to do something, but it doesn't work. Nutty jitters by Flippy, but Flippy avoids the candy.

However, Flippy sees a sharp candy and flips out. Before Nutty could be killed, the screen fades to black, then a screaming noise is heard.


  1. Golo's skin is ripped off.
  1. Nutty is sliced in half by Flippy (offscreen).
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