This fan episode introduces a new character called Fire, a green firefly with the power to take over anyone's body.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



In Flippy's house, Flippy happily sleeps in his warm, cosy bed. However, Fire flies in the window and dunks himself in Flippy's glass of water next to him. The next morning, Flippy drinks his glass of water, and Fire enters his body. Flippy's eyes start to glow bright green, and Fire now controls his body.

Flippy goes up to the skateboarding stadium, and finds Cuddles skateboarding. Possesed Flippy pushes Cuddles to the floor, and his skateboard gets impaled through his head. Flaky sees this, and she screams so loud that penguins from Antarctica can hear her. Flaky runs past Handy, who has just finished building a drill to help him build stuff. Possesed Flippy turns on the drill, and it peierces through Handy's body, tearing him to threads. Flaky, who is unable to outrun it, also witnesses the same thing. Mime walks in, and Possesed Flippy grabs out Handy's hammer (wich has fallen out of his belt) and ludges it through Mime's head. He also gets Handy's screwdriver, and uses it to pull out the eyes of an incoming Nutty. As Flippy notices the drill is still heading towards them, Fire exits Flippy's body, leaving him to die. The drill then kills Flippy.


  • Cuddles' skateboard gets impaled through his head.
  • Handy and Flaky get torn to peaces by a drill.
  • Mime gets killed after he has a hammer ludge through his face.
  • Nutty dies after his two eyes are pulled out by a screwdriver.
  • Flippy gets killed by the drill. (Due to Fire leaving him to die).
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