A Dish of Fish is the second episode of Happy Pet Friends.





Fishes is sitting at a table eating a fish. He swallows the fish whole and spits out the bones. His tummy rumbles and looks in the fridge for more fish but finds nothing. He sighes and his tummy rumbles. He walks by the window, sees Splasher and gets an idea. As Splasher goes to get ice cream, Fishes walks up behind him to grab him. Splasher gets his ice cream and walks away, while Fishes slips on a loose tile and smashes his head into the glass and then into the ice cream. He runs out of the store screaming with the bucket still on his head. We then see Splasher in the zoo looking at the wild animals. Fishes gets another idea and grabs a tranquilzer gun and shoots it at Splasher but it bounces off his glass and goes into Fishes' eye. He stumbles around before falling into a wolf exhibit. As Splasher walks away, we hear screams coming from the wolf exhibit. Then, Splasher is at the cliffs over looking the sea. Fishes, coming back from the hospital, runs up behind him and tries to push him off. As Splasher walks away to get an apple, Fishes trips on a rock and falls off the cliff. As one last attempt, Fishes invites everyone over for a party and Splasher gets there early. He leads Splasher into the kitchen and Splasher stares at a deep fryer. Fishes, seeming this opportunity, runs up to push him into but Splasher walks away and Fishes trips and falls into the deep fryer. Splasher hear the bell ring and pulls the two fryers out of the vat.  The screen goes back and when it reappears Everyone is sitting at the dinner table. We sees plates covered in cloth. as Splasher sets everyone's plates in front of them he sits down and unveils the dish; Fishes fried body. The episode ends as Splasher jamms his fork into Fishes' fried eye.


  1. Fishes is fried alive.


  1. Fishes gets glass impaled in his face.
  2. Fishes is mauled by wolves.
  3. Fishes falls off a cliff.


  • When Fishes falls off the cliff, he's shouting what appears to be him cursing at Splasher.
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