"A Frosty Christmas" is a fan episode. It introduces Frosty, the grumpy bird made of ice.


Starring Roles

  • Frosty

Featuring Roles

  • Lumpy
  • Flippy
  • Pop & Cub
  • Danger
  • Shaky
  • Toothy
  • Flaky
  • Nutty
  • Mime
  • Cuddles
  • Giggles
  • Petunia
  • Disco Bear


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a cold night, and Frosty just woke up from his nest. Tomorrow was Christmas, so alot of people were in good spirits. Taking a big breath through the air as he was imnune to the cold weather, Frosty noticed Lumpy walking below the perch he was sitting on. The next morning, Christmas was finally here. But, Frosty got woken up quite early today. Lumpy and the rest of the Happy Tree Friends were having a festival down there! And right next to Frosty's tree, aswell! While Pop and Cub are watching TV up on the roof of a nearby house, Danger and Toothy put up some more decorations, these ones flashing constantly. Flippy, who thinks the flashing lights and the lights of helicopters, Flips Out again. He sees Nutty, sucking on a candy cane while laughing uncontrolably. Flippy grabs it, and pulls it through he's mouth, ripping half of his skin off. Lumpy attempts to drive away in his car, but accidently hits reverse; running over Flaky and Shaky who were dancing behind the car. Cringing, Lumpy then drives into Frosty's tree, causing a car crash as Lumpy dies from too much glass going through his head. Mime, who has a magic mirror, spots Flippy and runs away; but Flippy catches him, get's the mirror, and impales it through Mime's head. Danger and Toothy were fixing some lights, but let go of them, causing them to fly up onto the roof and wrap around Pop and Cub's head. Danger and Toothy flee, but pull some lights with them; and Pop and Cub (who accidently push the TV off of the roof while falling) fall through the heavy snow on the floor, dying of suffocation. The Beavers look behind them to see if Flippy's there, but they run into a branch wich goes straight through their eye. Frosty, angered that these monsters have destroyed his home, steams up, and does what he does best. A small explosion went off, wich was Frosty freezing his surroundings, who, at the same time, froze Giggles, Petunia, Cuddles, Disco Bear and Flippy. Sighing in relief as he's the only one left alive, Frosty soon get's crushed by the falling TV.



  • Nutty dies of blood loss after Flippy wrips half his skin off of Nutty's face.
  • Flaky and Shaky accidently get run over by Lumpy.
  • Lumpy dies in a car crash.
  • Mime get's impaled by a mirror by Flippy.
  • Danger and Toothy get a branch pierced through their eyes.
  • Pop & Cub suffocate, and if they somehow survived then they would of died by getting strangled.
  • Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, Disco Bear and Flippy get frozen to death by Frosty.
  • Frosty get's crushed to death after a TV falls on him.
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