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Nutty finally decides to spend his money on anything other than candy.

A Glance on No Candy is an episode of Happy Tree Friends. In this episode, Nutty somewhat gives up candy (but decides to keep the candy on his body anyway).





Nutty looks at his overweight belly. He looks at his dirty teeth. He looks at...himself. Nutty starts to think that candy is not going to be good for him anymore.

Nutty is later seen donating money instead of using it to buy candy. Cuddles glances at him strangely, wondering what happened in a change to him. Cuddles walks up to Nutty, who is eating a salad.

Cuddles gasps, wondering what happened to Nutty. After telling the truth, Nutty goes home quickly and brushes his teeth and takes the candy off of his body and becomes friends with Cuddles.

Soon enough, Nutty drinks some milk and then lifts some weights. Apparently, he drops it on his belly and screams loudly. Cuddles, hearing this, runs up and sees Nutty. He tries lifting it back up, but ends up dropping it on Nutty's neck, crushing his throat and killing him.

Cuddles sadly walks away to not have a friend, but suddenly is poked in the eye gruesomely with The Mole's cane, and The Mole breaks into Nutty's house, mistaking it for his house (which was next door).


"Make new friends!"


  • Nutty's throat is crushed by weights.
  • The Mole pokes Cuddles in the eye with his cane.


  • This is the finale of Season 6.
  • Nutty gives up candy for the second time. This previosuly happened in False Alarm. However, unlike that episode, he stayed like that for the rest of the episode. It is likely to come back in future episodes.
  • Cuddles is the last character to die in Season 6.
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