Josh sits under a tree in the park, looking at a book of math equations, and eating a piece of bread. He looks up to find an ant picking up crumbs from the plate. Upon realizing that Josh sees him, the ant sheepishly replaces the bread crumbs. Despite this, he gets eaten by Josh who then decides to take a nap.

Inside Josh's stomach, the ant lights a match and looks around. He fires off a flare gun, lighting up Josh's chest and alerting the mother ant where he is. Josh wakes up in horror to find himself nailed to the tree with the three ants he didn't eat standing around him. They use a battering ram to break Josh's teeth and, tying a rope around his uvula, climb down his throat. They rescue the ant Josh ate and the four ants begin climbing back up the rope.

Unfortunately, Josh's uvula breaks off, so as a back up plan, the ants tie Josh's arteries shut. Blood starts building up in Josh's heart, causing his chest to expand and burst. A yellow, inflatable slide exits Josh's chest and the ants happily slide out of Josh's dead body

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