A Hippy Situation is an episode of Happy Tree Friends.





Hippy and Lumpy are bored and have nothing to do. They walk along a street as Torn stops at a red light. Once they see an ice cream parlor, they run to it. They ask Nutty, working for the store, who has an overweight belly, for some chocolate ice cream.

Apparently, Nutty says that they are all out of ice cream. When Hippy asks how, Nutty sarcastically says that he doesn't know. Hippy sees Nutty's overweight body and gets mad. He throws a chair (That Sniffles was sitting on, so Sniffles drops to the ground and splatters) at Nutty, and he is knocked to the ground.

Lumpy and Hippy walk along again, still sad from the loss of things to do. Their bellys growl and they try to find somewhere else to go. They find a place called "Sandwich Hut" and preceed to walk to it, only for Rip to run over them.

Rip notices their deaths, and speeds up when he sees a police car chasing after him to arrest him.


"Ice cream is healthy for you!"


  • Sniffles dies when Hippy takes his chair and he splatters.
  • Hippy throws a chair at Nutty (debatable, may have just been knocked unconscious).
  • Lumpy and Hippy are run over by Rip.


  • This is the first time since his debut episode, Shake your Hips, has Hippy killed someone.
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