History be Known
Why did Sir Gron have to be like this?
Internet Season: 2
Episode Number: 9
Starring Roles
Sir Gron
Featuring Roles
Spite (as an error)
Robo Star
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Sir Gron is shown walking in the streets. He looks at himself in a mirror after returning home, seeing himself as a skeleton, he looks outside and sees Robo Star and Fungus talking about the day and how they are doing. Gron wonders where he came from and why he is a skeleton. He walks towards Puffy's house to ask if he knows about Gron's real identity. However when he knocks in Puffy's Door, Puffy, seeing Gron's decomposed body, freaks out and dies of a heart attack. Realizing what he had done, Gron tries to walk away. Eventually he walks out of town and sees what appears to be a ruined castle, Gron walks to it and goes inside. When he looks inside, he sees nothing but ruins, the cottages are destroyed, a Watchtower collapsed and an old stone block comes down, nearly missing Gron. Gron examines the ruins and sees a corpse. Gron examines it and notices it has the same helmet and clothing as him. He then turns around to see a painting of a battle. Gron notices that in the painting, there is a tree friend having one of his arm chopped off and is killed, Sir Gron looks at his decapitated bony hand, and realizes that tree friend is him. He then remembers what he was. A Crusader. He remembered the year he died (1204 A.D) and shocked at what he has been into before death, gets mad and throws the painting far away. The painting comes down and it crushes Trippy and Superspeed who were talking about the Crusades. Sir Gron walks away from the ruined castle and goes back into town depressed. He hears a whistle and he turns around to see Mime carrying some balloons. Noticing Gron's sorrow, Mime gives Gron a balloon. Sir Gron then gets happy and he runs back to his house.


1. Puffy dies of a heart attack upon noticing Gron.

2. A Crusader corpse was found in the old castle

3. According to the painting, Sir Gron, before he was resurrected, was killed in the battle

4. Superspeed and Trippy were crushed by a painting.


1. The rust on Sir Gron's old helmet changes places occasionly.

2. The Painting Sir Gron throws is rather small. However it was somehow big enough to crush both Superspeed and Trippy

3. Spite was mentioned in the featuring roles, but does not actually appear.

4. When Sir Gron looks in the mirror, his helmet should be on the right side of his face as it should be mirrored on the mirror.


1. Giving that Sir Gron realizing he died in "1204 A.D" he was most likely killed in the 4th Crusade (1202-1204)

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