A Hole in Wonder is a fan-made episode of Happy Tree Friends.






Mr. Holes is watching TV underground when he hears a loud sound. He goes above the ground and sees Pierce, Brash and Bulky dancing to rock music on the radio. Mr. Holes takes out a baseball bat and smashes the radio to pieces. He then walks away, leaving Pierce and his friends horrified. Pierce is determined to pay Mr. Holes back. The next day, Mr. Holes wakes up to find dynamite in his bedroom. Pierce is waiting outside, with a TNT plunger at the ready. He presses it down, causing an explosion that throws Mr. Holes in the air. He falls smack on the ground. Timey appears and kills Pierce, Brash and Bulky with his dagger. Mr. Holes thanks Timey and goes back into his hole. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that there is a piece of TNT under his bed. It explodes, killing him instantly.

Deaths and injuries

  1. Pierce causes an explosion that leaves Mr. Holes's body charred.
  2. Timey stabs Pierce, Bulky and Brash to death with his dagger.
  3. A stray TNT stick explodes, killing Mr. Holes Instantly.


  • Truffles can be seen hidden behind a bush in one scene.
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