"A Little Shock" is a HTF episode. This episode introduces Lec, who becomes Electro.





Lec is working on an electric tower when he is hit by a lightning bolt and passes out. When he wakes up at the hospital, he realizes he has gained the power of electricity. Lec then turns to villainy as he begins to rob banks. The police aren't able to stop Lec because of his power. Lec electrocutes Sauvaghn to death as the other police watch in horror. The citizens call Splendid to help them defeat this menace. Splendid arrives in the city, searching for Electro, when he is suddenly hit by a lightining bolt. Splendid freezes Electro but he breaks out. Electro then takes off to the skies to battle with Splendid. Electro begins fighting with Splendid, but Electro has the upper hand. As Electro and and Splendid fight in the sky, they cause a tornado and thunderstorm, which Sniffles is sucked into and killed. The storm then kills several other tree friends in the crowd, watching the fight. Electro attempts to kill Splendid but it doesn't work. Splendid reveals that he is wearing rubber gloves,much to Electro's horror. Splendid picks up Electro and then throws him to a lake. The water touches Electro, short cicuiting and killing him in the process. Splendid then flies back home, not noticing all the damage he caused.


  1. Sauvaghn is electrocuted
  2. Sniffles and several Generic Tree Friends are sucked into the tornado
  3. Electro dies when he falls in the lake.


Don't put your hands in electric sockets!!


  1. When Splendid flies into the city, his mouth disappears.
  2. When Electro falls into the lake, his entire body disappears as well, although he can be heard screaming.


  • Lec makes his first appearance as Electro in the series, although it is stated he fought Webb (Spider-Man in the HTF universe) first. This contradicts with this episode.
  • This marks the first time Splendid faces a super villain (Devious does not count and neither does Splendont).
  • If you look closely, Lec's original design as Electro can be seen viewed from the back.
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