Alot of Train fun

Have a nice time.

A Lot of Train Fun is a fan episode.

Starring roles



One fair day, Trainfas & Traintas were busy bringing passengers to where they want to go. One hour later, Flippy & Cuddles were seen waiting for Trainfas's train to come. Pop & Cub were there for the tickets for the train. Then, Cub was seen walking on the tracks while Flippy and Cuddles were on the couches and Petunia had just stood up from one of the couches. Trainfas's train then ran over Cub. Blood was everywhere. Flippy almost flipped out. Then Trainfas said, "Whoopsy... My mistake.". After that, Trainfas looked at the audience during the closing iris, ending the episode.


  • Cub was run over by Trainfas's train.


  • Trainfas and Traintas's railway is based off kyle gamer 19's railway.
  • At the end of the episode, Trainfas broke the fourth wall by looking at the viewers.
  • Trainfas's train has never been named.
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