1. Baldy


  1. Count Trunkula
  2. Grunts the Gruesome
  3. Bushy
  4. Softy
  5. Crafty


  1. Tycoon


Baldy tries to say "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool" while Tycoon is filming it. Trunkula comes on stage and says Baldy is no good. Grunts comes on the stage and says Baldy can partcipate in his latest film. Bushy is dressing in drag and Softy says to him that he has to go out now and Bushy throws his comb at Softy, killing him.

Bushy in drag is in a castle and Baldy comes in. He slashes his sword, but he somehow kills Bushy.

Crafty is about to announce the gold medal for best actor in the world. Trunkula takes it and it says Baldy is the winner. The crowd claps. Baldy takes the paper, but accidentally slices himself in half with it.

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