A New Dope is an episode of HTFF. This episode introduces Darkalina the evil badger.
New dope

Devious has a new evil henchman. Or hench-woman, as the case may be.






Devious feeds a tank of pet fish, including Squidwrot who annoyingly begs for food. He suddenly gets a call telling him to meet someone in the lobby of his lair. He meets Darkalina, a fanatic in everything evil who hopes to join Devious' legion. Devious decides to put her to several tests to see if she is worthy.

The first test is to create an evil invention. Walking into a lab, Darkalina shortly exits with a new ray gun. She looks out a window for a potential target, seeing Sniffles playing with a remote-controlled kite. Darkalina blasts the kite, sending the blast through its chord and ultimately electrocuting Sniffles. Splendid arrives for the rescue and she attempts to blast him repeatedly. Splendid flies past a mirror, deflecting the blast back at Darkalina, disintegrating the gun and costing her the test.

For her next test, Darkalina is to doom the city. She races to the nearest dam and cracks it with a single kick. The city quickly becomes flooded. Sniffles is building a robot at this time, when the water causes the circuits to electrocute him. Splendid once again saves the day by opening a man-hole cover, draining the city. Back at Devious' lair, the evil gerbil uses the restroom. The flood water shoots out of his toilet. Angry and wet, he tells Darkalina to leave.

Splendid proudly humbles himself for his good deeds, until hearing someone cry. Darkalina shown sitting on a rock, saddened about her failure. Splendid wants to help make her feel better, so he gives her a remote-controlled helicopter. He leaves and Darkalina thinks for a moment. Elsewhere, Sniffles is still inventing, when the helicopter flies by and slices his head.

Darkalina then flies the helicopter across the city. The toy seems to be built-in with lasers powerful enough to disintegrate anything - or anyone - in its wake. Devious opens his window to find the city in ruins. The helicopter turns to him and lets out an electric blast, causing him to burst like an egg. Splendid flies off in the sunset, pleased with Darkalina's happiness, yet oblivious to the destruction she is causing.


  1. Sniffles is sliced by helicopter propellors.
  2. Tarsy and Feary are disintegrated by lasers.
  3. Devious bursts.


  • Tarsy and Feary are seen when the city is flooded, and again when Darkalina's helicopter kills them.
  • This is the second appearance of Squidwrot, after Tentacles of Justice.
  • The title is a pun of "A New Hope"
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