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Mix looks very serious when
somebody stole his goggles
Internet Season: 101
Episode Number: 28
Starring Roles
Fukkura and Gurē
Morton and Mix
Featuring Roles
Sweets (BuckandChuck)
Previous Episode Corn For Breakfast
Next Episode A Pet for a Princess

A Panda For A Day is a HTFF episode.


At normal day, The Pranks Duo making their next prank, Mix puts a pie on ground. The pie then launched by springs that pops out from ground and hits the target. Morton gives a thumb up to Mix, but a soccer ball hit Mix and his goggles get thrown into street. Cuddles picks the soccer ball and goes back to the game, Mix is irritated by him and go to search his goggles.

The Panda Duo are walking on street until Gurē found a goggles, he looks around and puts it inside Fukkura's backpack. Mix sees them and quickly goes to them, he "tell" Gurē that he want his goggles back, however, Gurē refuses. He then see Morton and has an idea, he makes a deal that if Mix wants his goggles back, he must switch partner with him. The Pranks Duo refuse, Gurē walks away along with Fukkura. Mix don't has any choices, so he decide to switch his partner with The Panda Duo, he shake hands with Gurē as they make a deal. Gurē gives Mix his goggles back and brings Morton to town.

Mix goes home with Fukkura, when at home, Fukkura walk to kitchen and search for foods. Mix is shocked and pulls him to living room. He then told him to sit at living room while he go to kitchen to clean the messes. Fukkura just sits on couch until his stomach growling, he quietly go outside and search for foods. Meanwhile at town, Gurē can be seen walking with annoyed Morton, he then sees a pie in bakery store so he goes inside of it.

He see Sweet baking pies, Gurē go to her and order her pies, Morton also wants too but Gurē yells on him angrily and tells him to not eat the pie. When Sweet brings the pies to them, Gurē quickly eats it all up while Morton just watches him while holding his hunger.

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