A Paws-Less Princess is a HTF Break.

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Paws is walking around town and seeing a beauty contest poster. She joins the contest but Crafty also joins too, causing they both controvert with each other. When the contest time, every girls are ready and dress up nicely, Crafty puts some marbles onstage sneakily. Paws walks to onstage while in dress, she fall but luckily she's still fine. Daphne next walks to onstage, but fall to floor and has her head cracked. The audience are horrified by this, their attentions are now on Crafty, who's dressing up in Egyptian outfit.

However, she unawares that she step on marbles, causing her to fall and broke one of her legs. Next contest is singing, Crafty puts lemon juice on a mouth spray, Paws is using the mouth spray and walking to onstage. She starts to sing when suddenly her voice becomes high, her voice is now alike birds, Paw singing and birds bring her to fly, causing Crafty dumbfounded. Pattypon goes onstage and sings, lot of audience fall in love with her. But not too long, her voice begins much higher and Pattypon get choked, collapsed.

Last contest is showing off skills, Paws is dancing ballet and the audience clapping on her. Crafty doesn't want to lose, so she uses mouth spray and sings, however she unaware that the mouth spray actually contain lemon juice. Her voice becomes high and loud, causing the audience's ears exploded and the studio collapsed, killing everyone. Paws is the only survivor and takes the trophy, however, she steps on marbles and falls, the trophy impaling her head.

The episode ends when Flaky brings a trophy to her home, Paws' head is stuck on the top of trophy.


  • Daphne has her head cracked.
  • Pattypon is choked and collapsed.
  • Crafty and numerous Generic Tree Friends crushed by the studio's collapses.
  • Paws has her head impaled by a trophy.


  • This is the second mark where Pattypon died, the first one is Lemme Fly!.
  • Originally, Giggles appears on the end of episode instead of Flaky.
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