A Pretty Pickle is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends. It introduces Soren the bear.


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While Handy begins painting stripes on the road, Lammy and Mr. Pickels are having a tea party. Suddenly, Soren arrives. Lammy invites Soren to sit down for a while, but Soren decides to place his stuffed platypus on one of the chairs. Soren offers Lammy tea, but the tea has run out, so Soren goes off to get more. Just then, Mr. Pickels rips the head off of Soren’s platypus. Soren tries to put it back on, but to no avail. Soren walks in and thinks Lammy is ripping his plush doll. Lammy blames the incident on Mr. Pickels, but Mr. Pickels isn’t there. Suddenly, Mr. Pickels appears, and Soren notices him. He grabs him and begins to take a bite out of him, but Lammy tackles him. Then both of them fight for the pickle. Just then, Flaky appears on her scooter. She thinks that Lammy is a psychopath. Again, Lammy blames Mr. Pickels, but Flaky drives away quickly. Suddenly, Lammy sees that Mr. Pickels has disappeared. Soren spots Mr. Pickels inside of Handy’s truck. Soren runs after Mr. Pickels, with Lammy running after. Mr. Pickels is about to sabotage the car, but both Soren and Lammy jump on him, starting the car up. On the way, they run over Handy. Flaky is driving when she sees Lammy and Soren behind her. Lumpy, a motorcycle cop, spots both of them, and drives after them. Meanwhile, Cuddles is taking groceries to his car, when Flaky, Soren, Lammy,  and Lumpy bump into the car door and cut off all of his limbs. Just then, Flaky sees that a large tree has fallen on the road. She stops just in time. Lammy and Soren stop Handy’s truck near her. Flaky then gets off of her scooter and runs away. Soren jumps out of Handy’s truck to try to see what the matter is. Just then, Lumpy points a stun gun at Lammy’s face. Soren defends her, but he ends up getting tased. Later, Soren and Lammy are cellmates in jail. Their lunch is delivered to them. One of those lunch trays contains Mr. Pickels, who Soren eats joyfully. Lammy feels sad, and cries. Then the episode ends with a closing iris.

Deaths and injuries

  1. Handy gets run over by his own truck.
  2. Cuddles gets his ears and limbs sliced off when the car door slams on him.
  3. Lumpy fires a taser into Soren's head, which electrocutes him badly.
  4. Mr. Pickels gets eaten by Soren. (debatable, since pickles are not technically alive)


  • This episode is a rehash of "A Bit of a Pickle", but with Soren added as the main character, and with fewer deaths. The episode also ends differently, with Mr. Pickels getting eaten.
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