"A Purple Wolf and the Flying Squirrel" is a fan-made episode.


Leia is on the back of Splendid and Azul is walking with Toothy. "So, Leia, how's your day?" he said. "Good, Sple." she said happily. Azul and Toothy are now sitting in the tree, sleeping. "Okay." Splendid said. He flies to the clouds then lands on the cliff where the couple cuddle happily. Splendid kneels then takes a ring box and opens it. Leia gasps happily. "Yes!" she said. As for Toothy and Azul, Toothy does the same and even Azul says yes. Leia, Splendid, Azul, and Toothy hug.


  • This takes place before Next Gen.
  • The episode's title refers to Leia and Splendid.
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