Too much sauce?

A Saucy Situation is a fanon HTF Break.





Paolo and Sluggy are preparing for an Italian dinner. With the spaghetti noodles boiling, Paolo goes to the kitchen and pours the sauce into the pot along with several ingredients, particularly an awful lot of garlic. A stange bat flies in through a window and turns into Count Trunkula. This startles Paolo into slipping, he loses grip of the pot and gets covered by scaling water and tomato sauce.

Trunkula sucks up the sauce thinking it was blood. The garlic in it starts melting his body from the inside. Unable to see, Paolo gets up and stumbles, knocking himself and Trunkula into the pot. A famished Sluggy later enters the kitchen to find the pot filled with "spaghetti" (with intestines and blood in place of noodles and sauce). Unsurprisingly, he actually likes it, until the garlic kicks in.


  1. Paolo boils to death.
  2. Trunkula either melts or is boiled.


  • This is the first time Paolo appears without the other Euro-League members.
  • Sluggy coincidentally appears as an extra role in the episode before this (Internet Gnoll).
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