A Smile Is Always Tree is a fan-made HTF Break episode. 

Hiss logged out from life.



Wooly is seen standing on a hill and cutting down a tree along with Hiss who is standing next to him. When the tree eventually falls down it crushes Hiss under it only leaving his extremities intact. Then the tree rolls down the hill. The scene cuts to Superspeed and Robo Star who are enjoying themselves by riding on a see-saw before getting run over by the tree. Finally the tree crashes into a cottage which explodes after that. After this Wooly slowly sneaks sideways away.


  1. Hiss is crushed by the tree.
  2. Superspeed and Robo Star are ran over by the tree while riding on a see-saw.
  3. Possibly some Generic Tree Friends were killed in the explosion. (Debatable)
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