A Spectacle of Yourself is a HTF Fanon episode.

Giggles reminds me of someone. I think it is her brother.





Josh finish making a picture of flowers and he decides to show it to Giggles. Josh runs off and returns moments later with Giggles, but when Josh shows Giggles the picture she is unable to tell what it is. Josh becomes concerned by this and takes Giggles to the eye doctor.

At the eye doctor, Sniffles gives Giggles an eye exam, after several test Sniffles concludes that Giggles is in need of glasses, so he takes Josh and Giggles over to a display of glasses and begins helping them find a pair for Giggles. After a bit they found a pair that looks just like Josh's but pink and Giggles quickly falls for them. The siblings then leave with Giggles wearing her new glasses. Josh points to a hat store and Giggles goes to get a pink cap.

The duo arrive at an art gallery and begin looking at all sorts of paintings, then they go to the park and watch birds, finally they head to the movies to watch a film, but just before they buy their tickets Pierce cuts in front of them. josh is upset at this so he taps Pierce on the shoulder. Pierce turns around and quickly breaks into laughter at the sight of Giggles and Josh. He then says "THERE'S TWO OF YOU?!"

Giggles is offended by then and begins yelling at Pierce but this makes him laugh harder. Josh then punches Pierce in the face. Pierce then grabs Josh and Giggles' glasses and takes them off, leaving the siblings blind. Pierce then runs off with the glasses but is quickly stopped when The Mole drives his car into the theater and kills him. Josh and Giggles don't realize this and begin wandering blindly.

Luckily for the siblings, Sniffles is nearby and spots the trouble so he grabs them and takes them back to his office. Soon the siblings are seen leaving the eye doctor, Josh with new glasses and Giggles with contacts. The Mole then runs them over. Seether walks sadly to the optometrist door until Petunia walks out wearing flowery glasses. The episode ends with Seether face palming.  


"If the outlook isn't good, Try the uplook"


  1. Pierce, Josh and Giggles are ran over by The Mole


  1. Russell can be seen at the eye doctors buying a new eye patch.
  2. Cro-Marmot is seen as the ticket booth operator.
  3. This is Seether's debut appearance.
  4. The moral is the same as A Sight for Sore Eyes.
  5. This episode is somewhat similar to Mistaken Eye-dentity, where Cuddles is mistaken for Sniffles after getting glasses. Both episodes contain Pierce, Sniffles, and Giggles.
  6. The picture made out of flowers is a wasp.
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