A Tail Tale is an episode of Creepy Cryptid Friends that introduces Nueve the kitsune who loves his tails.


Nueve doesn't look too good.

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The episode begins in the castle were Nueve is seen happily hanging out in the center courtyard. Suddenly he feels like somethign bad is about to happen and looks around just in time to see Wendy heading at him. He lets out a scream and runs off, but not before Wnedy grabs one of his tails and rips it off. Nueve screams in pain but keeps running. Nueve soon gets inside the castle and looks at his tails, now seeing one missing, he starts to cry, however he is unable to mourn his loss for long as Wendy crashes through a nearby window and runs at Nueve, sending him running away. Wendy manages to grab another tail as Nueve runs off, blood trailing behind him.

Nueve soon ends up in a hall full of suits of armor, and he spots Horns looking at one. Nueve warns Horns of the danger, but Horn's doesn't believe him until Wendy appears, freaking Nueve and Horns out. Horns tries to help by using his powers to make most of the suits of armor swing their weapons, but none of them hit Wendy and instead one slices off all but one of Nueve's tails. Nueve screams and cries before runnign off again. Horns is about to follow when Wendy tackles him to the ground.

Nueve is seen still running, his face staring to lose color from blood loss. Nueve is soon shown to no longer be able to run and he drops to his hands and knees. He begins to cry again and as he does, his final tail slides off for unknown reason. With all his tails now gone, Nueve lets out a single wail before dropping dead.

Wendy is then shown to have eaten all of horns, except his horns and has become bloated. She smiles and lets out a satisfied sigh, but then a sword falls and slices her head open.

End Tag

"It's heads or tails"



  1. Two of Nueve's tails are ripped off by Wendy, six are sliced off and one falls off for unknown reasons.


  1. Horns is eaten by Wendy.
  2. Nueve bleeds to death.
  3. Wendy's head is sliced open.


  • Nueve's death is one of the more torturous of CCF. Its also one of his few bloody and drawn out deaths.
  • Nueve debuts in this episode.
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