A Tail of True Love is an episode in Open Hearts 2.


Two birds are seen sitting in a nest together as the view pans down to show Nueve exploring the forest. He stops in front of a mirror and takes the time to admire his beauty. A small rock in thrown and cracks the mirror, causing Nueve to stumble backwards in fear of bad luck. Floppy, hiding behind a tree, grabs him by tails and pulls out an axe. Nueve manages to struggle free, albeit losing all but one tail, which Floppy becomes determined to get.

Nueve sits all alone, depressed that he has only one tail left. Brushy waves hello to him. At first, Nueve reacts in fear, thinking he has been discovered. He quickly realizes that he looks like a normal fox and decides to interact with Brushy.

The two foxes walk through the woods holding hands. Nueve feels a lot better now. Unfortunately, Floppy is still trying to track him. Brushy's stomach growls, so Nueve agrees to find her food. It isn't long before he uncovers a trap built by Floppy - a pit concealed by leaves that he very nearly falls into. His paranoia returns and he begins to panic.

Floppy spies on a figure she assumes to be Nueve sitting in the distance. She pulls a rope that activates a large blade to swing down. Nueve arrives in time to find Brushy's tail completely severed, to the horror of him and especially Brushy. Floppy, realizing she has targetted the wrong fox, lunges toward Nueve, only to be sliced in half when the blade swings back.

Brushy begins sobbing over her injury. Nueve places his arm over her shoulder and proceeds to walk her home. But the blade swings back once more and cuts off his last tail. In an act of selflessness, he decides to give his tail to Brushy, tying it to her stub. Thankful, she gives Nueve a hug before frolicking off.

Later, Nueve sees Stacy passing by, wearing one of her faux tails, and decides to follow her.


  1. Floppy is sliced in half.


  • This episode makes Nueve Brushy's fourth love interest, after CryptieBun and Pointy.
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