A Taste Of Work is the 61st episode of Happy Tree Friends: Hawaiian Style and the 31st episode of season 3. In this episode, Kimimeeky gets a job at The Winkster's Farmer's Market. 
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  • Generic Tree Friends


In Kapaa, Flaky and Kimimeeky are washing the floors of their beach house. Kimimeeky finds that the job is tougher than she thought. Flaky helps Kimimeeky with the task and wonders if Kimimeeky will ever get a job.

At the Farmer's Market store in Pearl City, JD Winkerman is stocking up the produce aisle with some coconuts and watermelons. Disco Bear who has been working at the Farmer's Market store for 2 years is too busy flirting with some female Generic Tree Friends co workers. He even tries dancing with one but he sends the Generic Tree Friend into a shelf and the shelf falls on her causing her death. Pudgy a customer informs The Winkster of the incident. The Winkster gets upset at Disco Bear for spending too much time flirting with the girls rather than doing his work. The Winkster fires Disco Bear as result and puts up a help wanted sign on the front window.

A few weeks later, JD Winkerman has contenders for the job at his store. Kimimeeky has filed out a job application 3 days earlier. Kimimeeky is one of the contenders along with Russell and Petunia. Kimimeeky is next and heads to The Winkster. Kimimeeky talks with The Winkster and gets the job. The other contenders are sent home.

Later that week, Kimimeeky heads to The Farmer's Market for her first day on the job. The Winkster gives her a bit of job training to help her do better. The Winkster shows Kimimeeky the stock room where the items come in. Next he teaches Kimimeeky how to stock produce properly. After a while, she gets the hang of her job. The Winkster gives Kimimeeky advice to help customers when possible.

After a few weeks, Kimimeeky is becoming an ace at the Farmer's Market store. The Winkster is impressed and gives Kimimeeky her first paycheck, ending the episode.

Moral: "Work is a privilege, not a right!"


  • A female Generic Tree Friend dies when a shelf falls on her, crushing her flat as a pancake.




  • When the shelf falls on the female Generic Tree Friend, some jars and bottles shatter on the ground.


  • This episode is a replacement episode for Funeral For A Friend due to a hoax involving a wikia user.
  • Only one Generic Tree Friend dies in this episode.
  • The Farmer's Market Store makes a return after a long absence.
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