A Teacher for Your Troubles is a HTFF episode that introduces Teachie the teacher.
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The episode begins with the front of the school being shown with a crowd of GTFs. A bell rings and the Gtfs rush inside. The scene then changes to a classroom where the students sit at their desks. Toothy and Cuddles sit at the front and start wispering to each other until the classroom door opens and Teachie enters. Teachie greets the class and quickly hands everyone a paper, along with smacking the back of a sleeping Elliott's head. Teachie finishes handing out the papers and goes to his desk. The screen then shows a small tack on Teachie's chair and Teachie sits on it.

Teachie jumps from his seat and looks around for the culprit, passing over Pranky as he tries to hold in a luagh and stopping on Flaky who has a box of tacks on her desk. Teachie yells at Flaky and makes her go to the princepal. Later, Teachie sets a slideshow and turns off the lights. teachie starts going through differnt pictures until one shows him naked. Freaking out, Teachie attempts to change the slide only for the projecter to overheat and start smoking. The smoke hits the sprinklers in the room and activate them, soaking everyone and making Toothy and Cuddles luagh. Upset, Teachie sends them out of class.

Eventually, everyone but Pranky, Sniffles and Elliott have been sent out of class. As the day is almost over, Teachie prepares to pass out homework, but when he opens his desk draw to get it, the desk falls apart. Pranky luaghs a little before placing a screwdriver on Sniffles' desk. Teachie spots the screwdriver and tells Sniffles to leave, but Sniffles tells him Pranky did it. Not biliving him, Teachie forces Sniffles to leave just as the bell rings. Pranky cheers and hops out of his seat, only to step on a tack and fall into Sniffles' desk, where the screwdriver becomes lodged in his left eye. 

Teachie watches in shock as Pranky stumbles arourd bleeding, and trips on part of the desk and lands on the floor, lodging the screwdriver deeper into his eye, killing him. Teachie lets out a scream and runs from the room. The episode then ends with Elliott waking up.


  1. Pranky is stabbed through the eye by a screwdriver.


  1. Teachie sits on a tack.
  2. Pranky steps on a tack and has a screwdriver lodged through his eye.;


  1. Dodo is seen on one of the slides.
  2. The Zebra appears once in the back of the class along with Nutty and Cro-Marmot.
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