Baby riding a tricycle in front of a house, then the camera zooms in to the bushes, where the scene quickly changes into night and a flipped out Ale pops out from the bush. A police siren attracts her attention showing Pierce and Wooly as officers wanting to arrest Ale.

Ale pushes Baby out of the tricycle and holds it over her head in order to attempt to use it as a weapon. However lighting strikes the tricycle that instantly vaporizes Ale and the wind blows away the remaining dust. Baby, Pierce and Wooly stare at Baby's tricycle. Mom then appears with Nachos and Soda and decides to invite the officers in.

They all have a meal in the living room, but Mom scolds Baby for riding the tricycle indoors, putting it outside. When they return, the lights suddenly turn off, then a tricycle bell is heard, followed by a little gleam that advances at Pierce. Wooly turns on the flashlight and they all see Pierce beheaded with Nachos on top.

Mom decides to go to the basement, turning on the lights, but when she arrives at the top of the stairs, Baby's tricycle moves on its own (showing to be possessed by Evil Ale), pushes Mom down, breaking her bones, and decapitating her when hitting the power panel.

Wooly is enjoying the nachos covered in blood, then the lights turn off again. Wooly uses the flashlight and sees the tricycle ringing its bell on its own, with Mom's head on the seat. Wooly decides to hide on the closet, the tricycle passes by, not noticing Wooly is inside, but then Wooly chews a nacho that makes a noise revealing his hiding place. The tricycle opens the door and tackles Wooly, Wooly attempts to fight back holding the pedals, but the tricycle spins and hit his snout five times, killing him. The scene then shows Baby playing happily on the tricycle, then she rings the bell, which is inside of an eye.

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