Abby is a dog based off of idyemyhairpink33's dog. Abby is owned by Raymond. She is a Beagle dog Abby like splendid well survive In most of her roles.

Name Abby
Gender Female
Interests Food, Stealing, Barking
Species Beagle
Color Brown and White
Relatives Raymond (owner)
Age .
Size Same as Rexxy's
Friends/Allies Baldwin, Whistle
Enemies/Rivals Rexxy (possible rival), Any Butcher Character
Love Interests ????
Kill Count ???
Death Count 1
First Appearance Right Around
First Victim ???
First Death Turning Over A New Leash


Abby is a brown and white beagle, She is extremely gluttoness and eats a lot.


  • She is one of the female characters without eyelashes.
  • Like idyemyhairpink33's dog, she will eat any food that nobody eats.
  • She is also named after idyemyhairpink33's dog.
  • She is one of the characters to speak a different language. Her language consists of sounds like "Bark!", "Woof!", and "Bow wow".
  • The real Abby died on 6/5/2016 due to old age.
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