About to Clown is an HTF Break starring Flippy and Flaky with appearances of generic tree clowns and Truffles.

Some just like clowning around.


Flippy watches two ships of clowns fighting war with cannon balls. Flippy enjoys this at first, but a cannon ball impales him in the head. Flaky freaks out as Flippy dies of blood loss and falls into the sea. As Flippy drowns, the cannon ball comes down too and says "HTF Break" with break crossed out and "is dead" is written over it.

Fan Controversy

After the episode was released, the whole Happy Tree Friends fanbase reacted negatively to the episode, with some saying that they are unsure whether the show would be cancelled or only the Breaks will be cancelled. Due to the fact that this video was presumely animated years ago and the sign that says "Happy Tree Friends is dead!", the 'joke', made a huge amount of dislikes. The "Happy Tree Friends is dead!" message has reappeared on other following HTF Break videos, further fueling the controversy. Many months after the message spawned, Mondo released Cheesy Does It, which at the end, read the message "HTF is back, baby!", meaning that it was really just a joke and signalled the end of the year-long hiatus. Another new break, Tunnel Vision, indicated that a new full-length episode was in the works.

The fact that this and the other breaks (Happy New Year, Moppin Up, Bite Sized, etc) all take place in movie threatres and cinemas has caused some fans to believe the possibility that a second TV season or even a movie of Happy Tree Friends could be in the making.


  • This video is presumed to have been animated years ago, as shown by the animation style.
  • When the generic tree clowns are seen fighting, Truffles can be seen along with them if one looks closely. Also, he is wearing a clown suit, which would mark the first time Truffles is seen in different clothes.
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