Abra is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Abra is a pale beige rabbit who, going by her name and outfit, appears to be a magician. Although her magic isn't real, her tricks can still be spectacular to say the least.

Whenever she performs a magic trick on someone, she ends up goofing her performance in some manner (distraction from reading her spell book, sawing people in half, setting them on fire, etc). This frequently leads to her volunteers dying, usually in pretty brutal ways. Under some circumstances, she may continue her tricks using their body parts. Strangely, she always remains nonchalant and happy when this occurs.

The one thing magical about Abra is her top hat. For reasons unexplained, she has the ability to pull almost anything out of it. She usually wears it over her head to hide her ears, which have been reduced to stubs. She cannot hear well because of this, which proves inconvenient whenever her volunteers cry for help.






  1. Bad Hatters - Killed by bomb (debatable).
  2. The Secret Sorce - Crushed by Sorcery.
  3. Break Your Rabbit - Dissected.
  4. Smoochie option 1 - Dies from venom.
  5. Smoochie option 2 - Head disappears.
  6. Smoochie option 3 - Flattened by train.
  7. The Dwarf and the Magician - Head eaten by Snapper.
  8. Cape Capers - Grinded by a pinwheel.
  9. Filthy Act - Crushed by a sand bag.
  10. No More Deaf - Crushed by stage lights.
  11. Mother of Magic - Run over by a car.


  1. Prior to series - Lost much of her ears.
  2. Beaking Bad - Ears burnt.
  3. Abra-Kadabra! - Ears ripped off (permanent).

Kill Count


  • Her full name is Abra Cadaver.
  • She was originally entered in a contest until it was cancelled.
  • Her hat was once owned by her professional magician uncle, possibly explaining its magical properties.
  • Theories for her missing ears include her accidentally setting them on fire and a magician ripping them off.
    • The latter was eventually confirmed by her creator, and in Abra-Kadabra! it is revealed that Lumpy was the magician responsible.
  • In 2020, she was given a cape and the bandages on her ear stubs were removed.
  • Her parents are a female Flemish Giant rabbit named Ali and a male Dwarf rabbit named Kazam. She also has a younger brother named Kadabra and would later have a son named Poof who would live in her hat.


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