Abra-Cadaver is a fan episode.

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


In the park Trixie puts on a magic show. Cuddles, Giggles, Mime, Petunia and Toothy watch in awe as Trixie pulls a rabbit from her hat. Trixie then asks for a volunteer and Mime walks up to her. Trixe grabs Mime's shirt and pulls on it making it rip off. Trixie then trys to repair the shirt with magic but can't and everyone laughs making Trixie flip out.

Trixie jumps infront of Cuddles and hits him with her wand. Cuddles then starts to cough and a red ribbon appears in his mouth. Trixie grabs the ribbon and runs up to Mime pulling twelve more diffrent colored ribbons from Cuddles whos mouth begin to bleed. Trixie wraps the ribbon around both of Mime's antlers and then she spins Mime around. As Mime spins more ribbon is pulled from Cuddles, each ribbon bloodier than the one before. Soon the ribbon are replaced with Cuddles' organs and they two get wrapped around Mime. Finnaly Cuddles is dead and Mime is completley covered in ribbon and organs.

Trixie then grabs the end of the bloody chain and yanks it sending sending Mime spinning into a wall where his body then flys ino slices. by now Toothy, Petunia and Giggles are freaking out but find they cant move and the sceam in horror as Trixie approches. Trixie stops infront of Petunia and taps Petunia's air freshener with her wand. Suddnely several leaves sprot from the freshener and then it errupts ino a real pine tree which stabs Petunia with its branches and rthe rips her appart.

Trixie then grabs Toothy and throws him into a box of swords that slice him to ribbons. Finnaly Trixie taps Giggle's bow with her wand and the bow turns into a pink squid that rips of Giggles face.

The episode ends with Trixie taking a bow and slipping on some blood. The iris closes on Trixie impaled on her wand.


  1. Cuddles' organs are removed.
  2. Mime is sliced to pieces.
  3. Petunia is impaled by branches and then torn appart.
  4. Toothy is sliced to ribbons.
  5. Giggles' face is torn off by a squid.
  6. Trixie impales herself on her wand.
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