Flight Smoochie

Take to the skys with Ace in his very own smoochie.

Idle Animations

  • Ace pulls out a toy plane and plays with it for a second before putting it up.
  • Ace flaps his wings.



A plane just big enough for Ace to sit in drops infront of Ace. Squeeling in joy, Ace hops in the plane and starts it up. He then takes off and flys off the screen, soon though he reappears onscreen but far in the background where only the shape of him and the plane can be seen. Suddenly a larger plane hits Ace's and it explodes. One of Ace's eyes and his brain the splatter against the screen.


A hot air balloon floats down infront of Ace and he happily gets in it. He then unties the sandbags on the sides and lets the balloon float, however when he touches the top of the screen his head clanks into. Ace begins to panic as the balloon keeps rising with out him and soon he is shoved into the basket until that is almost off screen and his now badly crushed body, breaks though the basket and splats on the ground.


A jetpack lands next to Ace and he stares at it for a moment and then cheers in joy. Ace picks up the jetpack and prepares to put it on but he accedently starts it and the flames catch him on fire. shocked by this Ace forgets to let go of the jetpack and it begins dragging him around, off screen and tne back on whiel still burining him. Soon all thats left of Ace is his upper body which is badly burnt. Finnally the jetpack stops and the rest of Ace is blown away in the wind.

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