Ace to Land is a HTFF episode.


Ace is working on his plane and finishes it. He decides to fly over a forest and starts his engine, He adds a little gas to the plane and finally flys off. Cam E. Leon and Snapshot go into the place as well for a little movie to work on. They decide to take a creator picture and do so. When the camera flashes and the picture is taken, The light attracts the plane's propeller, causing it to land right into a nearby tree, making Ace land to it and the plane be crushed. Kibble is pretending to fly with a glider costume, only to the plane's flying out propeller kill him. A nearby struggling-to-fly Spinnie sees the engine propeller coming about feet from her and tries flying faster, only to her be sliced in the legs and falls into the ground while the flying propeller lands freely about into a abandoned branch.

Mapa, Rush and Dexter are checking a map until the propeller flys to the two's heads and slicing them. Mapa sees scared and tries running away, only to a tree crash into her. Mapa tries freeing it with a axe, only to almost hit on a woodpecker instead. The woodpecker gets angry and mangles her evily, leaving her skull behind. Ace wakes up from the crash and sees the propeller is missing, Getting him mad and shout at the two photographers. Cam and Snapshot assumes it as just a mistake and go off for the first scene. Ace then goes to find the propeller.

Venue is flying fast chasing Road-Kill to eat him and Ace sees Venue and goes on her on a ride. Venue starts falling and her beak impales Road-Kill, Which causes Venue to slip her head on the ground, killing her. Cam films Snapshot walking on a trail road pretending to be the main character, until he sees a cloverfield in the grass and bites it, which is actually Cloverfield's tail. The monkey screams seeing his bitten tail and tries running away, but then hits a stick which cuts his chest like a arrow and making Snapshot and Cam get scared by the happening running their film. Snapshot accidentally hits his head to Cam's videorecorder, Which says "Are you ready to watch it all? This complete episode will release on January 2!"


Kibble had more of a appearence role.

This is Hairy's second appearence outside of HIF.

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