Its summer and Trippy,Superspeed and Robo Star are at the beach playing with water guns, Robo Star runs out of water and looks around to find something. He sees Sniffles making something using acid for a science experiment, when Sniffles wasn't looking, Robo Star secretly refills his water gun with acid. He comes back and fires, Trippy dodges it but Superspeed wasnt so lucky, His face is burnt by the acid and he screams in pain. Suddenly the acid melts Robo Star's water gun and melts his hand, leaving only a skeletal hand.

Sniffles comes back unaware that the acid was empty so he refills it with ocean water. he tests it only for the machine to malfunction and explodes, causing a pice to hit Sniffles' eye


1.Superspeed's face was melted off

2.Robo Star's hand was melted off

3.Sniffles eye was hit by a part of the machine


1.Trippy is the only character to not get injured.

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