Acupuncture is the first episode of Cute, but Dangerous! It involves Melody Melancholy torturing Fliqpy, with some help from Ale.


Mel and Ale are dressed like French maids, and are giving Flippy room service. Ale pops the top off of a bottle of red wine, causing Flippy to remember the blood and gunfire from the war. This makes him flip out, but Mel interrupts with a "nuh-uh". She then straps him to the bed, as Ale leaves. Mel holds up a bunch of needles, which Fliqpy reacts by shaking violently, to no avail. The screen goes black, showing Fliqpy pierces by a lot of needles, from head to toe. Mel leaves the room, leaving Fliqpy pierced.


"Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree."


  • The moral is based off of a Ethiopian proverb.
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