All Iron, All Steel is a fanon episode of HTF. This epiosde introduces Ironside the cyborg bear.
Iron steel

It's good to be made of metal when faced with a laser-shooting robot.






Splendid is seen at a sci-fi convention signing autographs for his fans. Binky, Sniffles, and Toothy are seen in the line, but Kibble cuts in front of them and tells Splendid to sign his bucket helmet. Ironside walks by and Binky, Sniffles, and Toothy go to check him out. Ironside tries to tell them that he is not a superhero, but Robo Star asks him to sign his hat.

As soon as Kibble puts his signed bucket back on his head, a giant robot foot stomps on him and forces him into it. Devious is seen controlling the robot and destroying every Splendid-themed item in the convention center. Splendid leaps into action yet again and Devious fires his lasers, missing Splendid but vaporizing the fans around Ironside. Devious tells Splendid that something is behind him, fooling him to look back. His robot punches the super squirrel into an automatic sliding door and cuts him in half.

Ironside decides to take over the job, so he unleashes powerful metal claws from his arms and tears the robot apart. Devious blasts a laser at Ironside but only makes a hole through his belly. Devious throws several weapons at Ironside, but he is invincible due to his cyborg parts. In panic, Devious frantically pushes buttons and destroys the convention center, leaving behind rubble and a thick cloud of smoke. Devious looks around for Ironside but couldn't see him, until his fist pops out of nowhere and hits him. Devious is sent flying from the punch and gets sliced apart by lightsabers on display. Kivila waits at a desk for Devious to sign her book, until Devious' hand lands on it and the blood makes his name.

The smoke finally clears up and reveals that Ironside has lost the flesh half of his body, with only his cyborg half remaining. He makes a fist pump but falls on the ground. Later at the hospital, Ironside wakes up next to Splendid, and they both scream discovering their halves have been connected together from surgery.


  1. Kibble is forced into his bucket.
  2. Robo Star, Binky, Sniffles, and Toothy are vaporized.
  3. Numerous people die when the convention center falls apart. Some may have survived the chaos, considering Kivila's survival.
  4. Devious is sliced apart by lightsabers.


  1. Splendid is cut in half by a sliding door.
  2. Ironside loses the fleshy half of his body from Devious' attacks.


  • This is Ironside's debut.
  • Ironside and Splendid sewed together with the wrong halves is a reference to I Nub You and Lose Your Head. It could be possible that Lumpy or Germy sewed these halves together, though neither appeared.
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